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Early Language and Communication—Invitation only


Developmental Movement and Play-Invitation only                                                        At 6 months babies will be invited to the session which aims to help them learn through movement.
Children's early stages of development are so important, the sessions offer support and activity ideas to help strengthen babies muscles and
develop their brains.

Early Language and Communication-Invitation only                                                   Early Language and communication sessions are for you and your child to interact in fun activities. You will get tips on how to support your child's communication and language development and you will receive activity ideas to take home.
Children age18 months - Messy Play, songs and action rhymes, and stories
The Children's Centre will write to invite you to attend one of these sessions when your child reaches 6 months and 18 months of age.
These sessions are in addition to the other Children's Centre activities which promote language and communication.



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